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New! PANTHER13.1 released.
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Please refer to our article in Nature Protocols for detailed instructions on how to use this page.
Help Tips
1. Select list and list type to analyze
2. Select Organism
3. Select operation
1. Enter ids and or select file for batch upload. Else enter ids or select file or list from workspace for comparing to a reference list.
Enter IDs:
Supported IDs
 separate IDs by a space or comma
Upload IDs:
File format
  Please login to be able to select lists from your workspace.
Select List Type: ID List
Previously exported text search results
Workspace list
PANTHER Generic Mapping File
VCF File     Flanking region
2. Select organism.
3. Select Analysis.
  Functional classification viewed in gene list
Functional classification viewed in pie chart
Statistical overrepresentation test     Use default settings
Statistical enrichment test     Use default settings
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